With its unmistakable red and black color, the beautiful Red Siskin once roamed the skies of northern South America in large flocks. Today, it is one of the most threatened animals in the region, persisting in only a few small and isolated groups. Sadly, it is now easier to find pictured on the Venezuelan Bs. 100 bill than in its former home in the wild.  The Red Siskin Initiative aims to reverse this tragic decline and restore thriving populations of this beloved bird throughout its historic range.

The Red Siskin, Sporagra (Carduelis) cucullata, is legally protected in all countries where it has occurred in the wild. It is critically endangered in Venezuela and has been classified as endangered internationally since 1952. This species is also listed on CITES Appendix I and was one of the original species to be included on the US Endangered Species Act, highlighting the role that US pet consumers have played in its decline.