In February, Will Ruhl, Principal of Ruhl Walker Architects, and Warren Lynch, Bird Unit Manager at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, made visits to private and professional breeding programs in Australia to study husbandry, breeding methods and facility design.

Locations visited include Taronga zoo, Priam Parrot Breeding Center, Australia National University and home aviaries of Michael Fidler, Save the Gouldian Fund, Sam Davis, President of the Finch Society of Australia, and other Red Siskin breeders. Warren also participated in roundtable discussions with the Canberra and Hawkesbury Finch Clubs and, together with Sam Davis, John Martin, and Daniel Gowland, met with John Berry, the current United States Ambassador to Australia and a former director of the Smithsonian National Zoo. These trips were generously sponsored by the Scion Foundation and the Finch Society of Australia.

Many thanks to Michael Fidler and Sam Davis for graciously hosting RSI visitors and providing excellent instruction.

The RSI welcomes our new Australian partners and is looking forward to ongoing research collaborations in genetics, captive breeding and more.